Stumped on ideas what to do and already fearing that potential cabin fever from staying in? I’m naturally already an introvert who loves to be at home and Taiwan isn’t imposing a lockdown (hopefully it won’t come to that) but for those that don’t want to get that cabin fever itch…

If we can take early action and embrace the idea of slowing ourselves down and taking a moment to #stayhome we can open ourselves up for a gift of time that we usually crave to have.

To avoiding getting ourselves swept up by all of this, let’s make sure that our glass is kept half full.

#Stayhome ideas for foodies/foodtographers:

  1. Set a goal to finish something that you’ve been wanting to cross-out?
  2. Try that recipe you have been craving to do. Need ideas? This Reddit community is fantastic: Covid Cookery
  3. Sharpen up those cooking skills, plenty of chefs and even IG foodies are offering classes and even Zoom workshops!
    Massimo Bottura is offering virtual cooking classes via IGTV
    @eatchofood is offering dumpling-making classes (sign up via her mailing list)
    – Photographer Matt Armendariz has been hosting Zumba classes! – guess it’s good since we can’t head to our yoga studios/gyms to get some endorphins going!
  4. Get editing all those photos you never get around to – Hello, Lightroom! Time to clear up my catalogues or actually purge any of the RAW files I don’t need.
  5. Watch classic foodie movies – here are some of my favourite ones;
    Chocolat (2000), Ratatouille (2007), Chef (2014), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971),  Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) or Simply Irresistible  (1999)
  6.  Too lazy to cook? Maybe take the opportunity to indulge and go for some call-in takeout to support your local restaurants as they are also struggling right now. Call-in direct is best as I’ve heard that food apps tend to take a hefty commission.
  7. Finish/rewatch that online course that is bookmarked or one of your pinned tabs – no shame, we all need to refresh or even take time to finish things!
  8. Watch/Catch-up food documentaries or TV shows; Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat, Ugly Delicious by Dave Chang, Top Chef (new season just started!), The Game Changers or Chef’s Table
    I must admit, I love to pair watching a TV show with eating a meal..
  9. Re-organise that pantry, time to spring clean and get anything that might expire soon into something or trade it with any of your socially distanced neighbours? Swapping a roll of toilet paper for a baked zucchini bread perhaps?
  10. Join/participate food photography challenge, I know that Kimberly from The Little Plantation is going to host a week-long food photography challenge! Also, Lauren Caris is holding a 5-day natural light food photography boot camp which starts March 30th (which I’m already signed up for!).
  11. Challenge your food habits – perhaps try a dietary challenge during your indoor period, maybe getting creative with not eating junk food or making sure you eat fruit daily?
  12. Re-visit what you have in your home and how to make it more Zero Waste friendly. With all the fresh vegetables, use any leftover scraps to turn it into vegetable stock! Or if you have a garden area, start making your own compost.
  13. Re-organise your food photography props. It’s easy with all this time in to realise what are the things that you use most often and those that kind of live deep in the shelves or at the bottom of the pile. For those maybe, pick them up and challenge yourself to shoot something with the prop. If it really doesn’t “spark joy” then it’s time to thank it and give it away.
  14. Finish or start that book that’s gathering dust on your shelf. Play recipe roulette and let the book open at any page and try to create something as close to the recipe with what you have at home.
  15. Try growing out your sprouts for some homegrown microgreens? I know a lot of you might have a bunch of beans in your pantry. Sprout People have a great guide.


Did I miss anything? Do drop me a line below if you have any other ideas!

Doesn’t the image of the steamed glutinous rice wraps seem to capture the feel of how everyone is currently undergoing the now ever-familiar social distancing? When in reality you don’t want the veggie ones all up and close to the meat ones right?